Do you want a Modern Family-Friendly Tavern in the Upper Ross

The Upper Ross Hotel is a great local pub, but is a little long in the tooth as it is 30 years old and has seen little refurbishment within this time.  

The new $38M Riverway Plaza is currently under construction, and we are set to see other large franchise take-away companies set up shop in the Upper Ross. As your local Labor MP, I am putting pressure on the The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group), a multi-billion dollar company, to also invest in the Upper Ross by giving us a modern family-friendly tavern.

This would also support local tradies by building a new tavern which the Upper Ross deserves.

If you would like to see a modern family-friendly tavern in the Upper Ross, sign below to support me in putting pressure on the ALH Group to invest in our area.