Petition for Thuringowa High School Multi-Purpose Hall

The Thuringowa High School is 30+ years old and is a growing school. There is approx. 900 students and staff that attend this school and other community members that utilize the facilities outside of school hours.
As your local MP, I am working in consultation with the School P&C to secure funding to build a Multi-Purpose Hall that would be fully enclosed with air-conditioning to meet the needs of the school and the broader community.
I worked alongside the Kirwan High School P&C and School Community and lobbied hard to secure funds for their Multipurpose Hall which was delivered in 2018. I will work hard to gain the necessary funds for Thuringowa High as I did for Kirwan High. However, I need your support as a community collective, to lobby for future funds to be allocated to build this well needed school hall at Thuringowa High.