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State Government continues to tackle Youth Crime.

September 26, 2019

Never let some facts get in the way of a good story eh?

After hearing all the bluff and blunder from Dale Last MP on Police pursuit policy it’s time to put some facts on record.

Police set the pursuit policy (not politicians). The current risk based approach was adopted by the QPS following 2 Coronial recommendations following 11 deaths in the lead up to the 2017 policy allowing Police to make the decision based on risk to themselves, public and the offenders.

Recently through the hard work of lobbying for more Police we had the announcement of the remaining 53 Police that our Government committed to in November 2017. We are delivering all 53 Officers, 18 months earlier than expected. This will be good for Townsville.
That will take our Labor Government to having delivered 103 additional Police in Townsville since 2015.

Under the LNP, they had a 2017 State Election policy of delivering exactly ZERO Police for Townsville, yet 20 for Cairns?

The LNP also had plans to sell off our North Qld Police Academy here in Townsville! We kept it and we will keep backing our local Police.
Not only is that a concern, the LNP abolished 330 Police positions across this State, including Officers here in Townsville.

We have also recently announced new stronger legislation “Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019, New s48(4)” which is extremely explicit in its intent to give Police and the Courts more power to keep youth offenders in custody.

Our Govt will continue to respond by holding offenders to account, support victims of crime and also help break the cycle of crime, by supporting those youth at risk of entering the Youth Justice system via Project Booyah, which incidentally, but not surprisingly, lost co-funding by the federal LNP!

Under our Govt we have strengthened the capacity and responding capability of our Police by increasing the QPS RAP Hub from 20 Officers (Half staffed under the LNP) to over 40 Police under Labor!

I have worked hard to deliver a new Police Facility in the Upper Ross increasing Police Officers 2 to 10.

Under the LNP it was all about their failed youth bootcamps, where offenders broke out. Those failed bootcamps cost taxpayers $16M and resulted in 70% youth recidivism.

Under Labor, the Transition to Success (T2S) Program we have over 70% not reoffending within 12 months of completing the course.
We are rolling out the Maj. Generals 23 recommendations with 16 delivered by December 2019.

Under our Gov’t we also established the Townsville Stronger Communities Action Group (TSCAG) and the QPS Public Safety Response Team (PSRT).

I want to reassure our community of our strong intention and desire to reduce crime rates and make our community safer.

Aaron Harper MP
State Member for Thuringowa