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Highlights from Queensland Parliament Sitting 17 - 19 September 2019

September 20, 2019

Tuesday 17th September 2019

Expansion of Byerwen Metallurgical Coal Mine

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk the expansion of the Byerwen Coalmine in the Bowen Basin. "This mine is great news because it comes with hundreds of jobs—350 jobs in construction and 500 jobs when it reaches full production. The mine is a partnership between QCoal and JFE Steel, one of Queensland's biggest coal customers, and it is a deal done by my government. Its leases were granted in 2017 following my visit to the company's Fukuyama steelworks in November 2016. It forms part of $20 billion worth of investment in resources since I became Premier leading to the creation of more than 7,000 jobs. You cannot make steel without good, quality metallurgical coal. The expansion of this mine allows production to rise from three million tonnes per annum to more than 10 million."

Full Media Statement is available here.


Rheinmetall on target for multi-billion-manufacturing contract for Queensland

Queensland is one step closer to a multimillion dollar contract which would bring an incredible jobs bonanza for the state. Rheinmetall Defence Australia has been successfully short-listed to one of two companies by the Australian government in its bid for the lucrative $10 billion to $15 billion LAND 400 phase 3 tender process. Should they be successful, up to 400 Lynx KF 41 infantry fighting vehicles will be manufactured at the company's new military vehicle centre for excellence in Ipswich. When complete, it will be the most advanced military vehicle manufacturing facility in Australia.

Full Media Statement is available  here


Wednesday 18th September 2019

Stronger laws to further strengthen community safety

Today, the Palaszczuk Government introduced strong laws that crack down on child sex offenders and boost community safety.

Amendments to the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act will specifically target child sex offenders and other criminal elements who use social media accounts to conceal evidence of their crimes.

These criminal elements are using Facebook and Instagram, for example, to hide evidence of a range of illegal activities including, child abuse, sexual assault, drug trafficking, homicide, terrorism and cybercrime (for example: fraud and revenge pornography)

We are introducing laws to deal with the new technologies criminals are using in an attempt to evade prosecution.
The world is changing and the law must change with it.

Other amendments as part of this legislation include:

  • Enable the voluntary transfer of the ownership of a vehicle to the State to alleviate situations where impoundment costs exceed the value of the vehicle;
  • Clarify a surveillance device warrant for a named person also captures a vehicle;
  • Reduce the QPS’s costs of holding found property by reducing the minimum holding time from 60 to 30 days with no change to the notice that must be given to the owner in writing, or an unknown owner, via the QPS website.
  • Broaden information sharing between government agencies in relation to Domestic and Family Violence matters

Full Media Statement is available here


Thursday 19th September 2019

Improvement to online veteran's portal

A dedicated online veterans’ portal set up by the Palaszczuk Government late last year has been updated with more features and greater functionality, following consultation with veterans and support groups.
The one-stop-shop veterans’ portal helps ex-Australian Defence force members and their families search for and connect with information, services and supports.

The portal includes employment pathways for veterans to explore employment options outside of the Australian Defence Force, accommodation and housing services and support, counselling and mental health services and information about concessions.
The delivery of this online portal forms part of a number of important projects we’re working on to support our ex-Australian Defence Force members, including The Oasis Townsville veterans’ hub.

Full Media Statement is available here


Reef Protection Laws passed with more funding for graziers

$5.72 million of funding was announced today, to support graziers, furthering the Government’s support for the agricultural sector.

The funding was announced as the Palaszczuk Government took another important step to protect the Great Barrier Reef, with new laws to improve water quality passing Parliament today.

The new regulations will not be aimed at those in the agricultural sector who are already meeting their industry’s minimum standards. Those who are already accredited under their own industry’s standards will be able to have their hard work recognised.

The proposed regulations will mirror practices that are already accepted by industry that strike a balance between reducing run-off while improving productivity and profitability


Full Media Statement is available here